Guerrilla Gay Bar returns


Update: tonight's location! Basque rooftop bar (8 Courtenay Place) for Sangria and nibbles. See you at 6:00pm. Get the early so we can get big tables.

Community. Visibilty. Drinks!
Let's 'take over' (in a fun, silly, inclusive way) a local bar for an extra gay happy hour. Open to all LGBTTQQIAAP folks and friends.
Flashmob style. Location TBA (announced the Friday of the event).
Wear something red for visibility (or just bring your fabulous self)!

Guerilla Gay Bar Manifesto:

Our allies: Everyone: cis folks, straight folks. Locally-owned gay bars and establishments.
Our enemies: hook-up apps, exclusivity, attitude, social anxiety, boredom,

By all means, let your freak flag fly, but…

Be nice to each other. There’s no right or wrong way to be queer--No best or worst age, size, gender expression, dress, or appearance. At a guerilla gay bar event (or anywhere else) make sure you introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, especially folks who look like they may be by themselves. Break out of your clique and meet someone new.

Don’t tap on the aquarium. Be cool to the straight people. We’re not there to make anyone feel unwelcome. Make the “regular” patrons part of the party.

Be extra nice to the staff. They’re likely to be surprised and overwhelmed by the sudden influx of customers. Be patient, helpful, and friendly. Buy lots of drinks and tip well.

The event is only as big as you make it. Promote the hell out of the event on social media: tweet and twat like mad, post pics and selfies galore.

In other words: Be cool, spend money, and have fun! Can’t wait to see you all.