After Exams Yum Cha!


Sharing food is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about other people and their unique cultures. Yum Cha is well known in China and now in New Zealand is becoming a popular lunchtime tradition. It is southern Chinese style brunch, which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating small dishes (steamed, fried or baked), We will be having Yum Cha on Friday the 10th of June at 1:00pm at the Dragon Restaurant on Tory Street. We will meet outside 20 Kelburn parade at 12:30pm and catch the bus down to the Dragon restaurant, ready for Yum Chat at 1:00pm. Foundation Studies teachers and volunteers will be present as well. For this event you are welcome to invite your friends from undergraduate and EPP also! The cost of this event will be ten dollars per person. Please RSVP before Monday the 6th of June to this event.
  • Dragons Restaurant
    25 Tory Street, Wellington
  • Friday Jun 10, 2016
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