100% love it
Come hungry, stay late
It seems like everyone's favorite restaurant in Wellington is Matterhorn...and they'll all tell you to order something different. This proves that head chef Nick Huffman must be on the right track. The website says it best--"setting the benchmark for the finest and freshest of New Zealand's music, dining, drink design and culture, Matterhorn gives it to you seven ways in seven days."


    • Park2Ride
      Park2Ride Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Really good and very friendly
      We had some really good food in a very friendly atmosphere. After the very long hallway we were warmly welcomed and they kept up the warm attentive attitude all the way until we said goodbye. The food was not too much, which has become the exception during our time in NZ. The cooking is creative yet very well balanced. Their range of whines is quite good, at least for non-experts like us. Thanks to gaycities who pointed us to this lovely place.

    • 23Justin
      23Justin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Perfect place to get Food in Wlg
      Delicious! With hot guys :)